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How to Advertise your Local Summer Festival

The festival season is quickly approaching and there are plenty of people eagerly awaiting the opportunity to don their wellies and get dancing in the English countryside. But what’s the best way to attract visitors to your festival when the number of summer shindigs seems to be increasing year-on-year? Take a look at our guide to beat the competition and get people talking about your summer Festival.

Free Online Calendars

There are lots of online directories nowadays to deal with the vast number of festivals we party-goers have demanded. It’s worth doing a bit of research to find a directory that is most suited to your type of festival, be that food festivals, craft fairs, or music festivals. The Festival Calendar is a good place to start and you can upload your festival for free.

Local Press

There’s little point in trying to compete with the big boys and get your festivals into the national press. Unless you have a very niche and quirky idea, it’s unlikely to inspire many journalists. Local press on the other hand is a great way to get your local community involved. Write a press release early and perhaps consider offering a discount for all readers of the magazine or paper when they quote a reference code.

Roadside Advertising

It’s a tried and tested method of advertising that has been with us for as long as festivals themselves. You could take a leaf out of France’s book and make a man out of straw bales wearing a giant t-shirt advertising your event! Take a look next time you’re in France for some inspiration.

Straw men aside, the best way to catch people’s attention as they’re driving is to use a well-designed and colourful PVC banner. Make sure you add all the information they’ll need including dates, location and simple directions, and then add a website and telephone number where people can go for more information. It’s also a good idea to use your logo and branding colours to make it instantly recognisable.

Take a look at our website for more options and check out our outdoor banner stands to make sure your PVC banner is in the most eye-catching position possible.