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It’s Never Too Early to Start Advertising Your New Business

We all know advertising is hugely important to making any business a success, but if you’re starting a new business, don’t make the mistake of waiting until you’ve already begun trading to kick off your marketing. The sooner you begin, the better chance you’ll have of getting off to a flying start. For shops, restaurants and any other businesses with a high street presence, a banner on your frontage is the ideal way to get the word out. Here are just some of the benefits:

Start building interest

The conventional wisdom is around half of businesses fail within their first year. If you want to boost your chances of avoiding this fate, it’s important to do everything you can to be busy from day one. A banner allows you to start building brand awareness and interest from potential customers well before you open your doors to the public for the first time, increasing your odds of getting plenty of people through the door come opening day.

Make sure to include the date you’ll start trading on your banner, just as soon as you know for sure when that will be. There’s nothing worse than building a load of hype, only to then fail to open on schedule because of unexpected delays. One solution is to start with something vague, such as “opening August 2014” then updating with the exact date once you know it.

Make contact with potential customers

A banner is the perfect opportunity to begin a conversation with the people you hope will eventually flock to pay for your products or services. Include contact information, such as your phone number, email address or links to your website and/or social media profiles on your banner and people will be able to start interacting with you so you can potentially generate business even before you open.

Once you get that conversation going, you can ask what people would like to see from your new venture, what they think of your branding, or anything else which could boost your chances of making your business a hit right from the offset.

Provide valuable information

A great way to draw people in to your fledgling enterprise is with special offers for the opening weekend or week. This will encourage people to come in as soon as you open, rather than putting it off for later. That way you should have a nice busy premises right from the start – vital for generating a positive buzz around your business. However, there’s no point having great offers if nobody knows about them, so it’s important to make sure your deals are prominently displayed – on a lovely big banner, for example.

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