Advertising advice

How to create an attention grabbing banner for your business

A banner is a merchandiser’s first tool. A good banner should grab the attention of a passer-by and pass on the relevant information quickly. What can you be doing to increase the visibility and efficiency of your banner?

An excellent piece of advice can be taken from number one of Google’s list of beliefs (named ‘Ten Things’): “Focus on the user and all else will follow”. If you look at your banner through the eye of your intended audience, you will start to appreciate its true value. You can refine your advertisement based on this feedback.

What does the eye see first?

To make a truly eye-popping advert, you should first be focussing on what will draw the eye in the first place. You have a very small window of opportunity to grab people’s attention and send out a message. According to this article from the BBC, humans now have an average attention span of around 8 seconds, meaning that you need to grab people’s interest quickly. Once you have their attention, you need to pass on your message and an action very quickly indeed.

When you create your design, show it to other people and ask them what they see first. These areas are called your ‘points of interest’ (POIs). Your POIs should be enticing, inviting your viewers to maintain attention.


Research has shown that your images and text should be printed at a very high resolution rate (measured in DPI – meaning dots per inch). You want your banner to be clearer, with sharper detail in order to be seen as professional. Interestingly, a clearly defined frame around your banner has also been proven to increase attention.

If there is too much information on your banner, you will likely confuse your audience. A confused viewer will lose interest quicker. You want a small amount of very focussed (and hopefully interesting) information which can be quickly scanned.


A good banner must be as visible as it is visibly pleasing. There would be little point in designing an excellent quality banner, only to then hide it behind a tree! When you ‘focus on your user’, you should focus on the position in which they are going to see your banner.


Finally, please don’t forget to include some prominent contact details or prices if you’re looking to increase communication or generate sales.

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