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How to Attract Customers to your Off-the-High-Street Shop

If your shop is positioned away from the high-street or shopping centre, it can be difficult to attract first time customers to visit and make purchases. Even those who already know the location of your shop may be reluctant to make the trip if you are located in an ‘out of the way’ area.

If customers are unlikely to drop in and browse due to the location of your retail premises, then you probably need to begin new practices to attract consumers to your shop. There are a number of ways that you can do this that are proven to increase visitors to your shop, yet aren’t overly costly so won’t impact heavily on your budget.

Attract People Online

Making use of the internet can help you increase the number of customers that visit your shop. A website containing contact information and examples of your products can increase your in-store sales, and the creation of an ecommerce site can help increase your sales nationally and internationally.

Alongside a website, making sure that your social media is regularly updated and contains accurate information can help build relationships with customers and local communities. As your shop is not positioned on the main shopping street, remember to make sure all your online map listings are correct as many shoppers now use these to get directions to retailers.

Attract People Using Signs

Using a pavement sign to attract customers isn’t exactly a new idea, but it does work. Positioning it on the main shopping street and including directions to your shop (which can be as simple as an arrow pointing in the right direction), can vastly increase the amount of passers-by that drop in.

When designing your pavement sign, its best to keep it simple. A sign that contains too much information can be overwhelming and off-putting to customers and should be steered clear of. Basic details, such as company name, what kind of retailer you are, and directions are all that is needed when trying to attract people off the street. During sales, or new seasons, you may want to consider having new posters created that highlight special offers.

Big Value Banners offer a range of signage for your business, from pavement signs to PVC banners, which are perfect for helping increase custom to an off-the-high-street shop. For more information about the signs we offer, take a look at our website, or get in touch using our contact us page.