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Making sure your business is prepared for your wedding fair

Attending a wedding fair is a brilliant way to increase your customer base and promote your company, and can even see you making some on-the-spot sales. In order to maximise the impact you make during the wedding fairs you attend this year, you should make sure that you’re prepared to leave an excellent impression. Here are just a few of the ways that you can shine a spotlight on your business at a busy wedding fair.

Bring a smile

You’ll be spending most of the time at the wedding fair interacting with people who are planning one of the happiest days of their lives, so it’s essential that you approach it with as much enthusiasm as they do. Take an interest in their lives, and ask the all-important questions: how did they get engaged and when are they getting married!

Have extra help

If you usually run your business like a one man show, be prepared to get an extra helping hand. While you’re happily discussing your services with one customer, plenty of others are passing you by, so having extra people to help you out is a must. Bring a small team of people, whether employees or family and friends, who can help you reach out to more couples at the fair.

Clearly signpost yourself

Wedding fairs can get incredibly busy, so it is important to make sure that you’re visible to passers-by. Using PVC banners and banner stands will give your stall a professional look and provide advertising that can be reused at all of the wedding fairs you attend throughout 2015.
When planning your stands and banners, consider the following:

  • Colours – you want a colour that makes your business stand out, but isn’t off putting to potential customers. Think about what colours are currently in fashion and whether you can incorporate them into your designs.
  • Company Name – visitors to your stand may not want to make purchases on the day, and instead are simply browsing. Make sure your business is memorable by clearly displaying your business name. This, along with the flyers and business cards you hand out on the day, will make a positive memorable impression.
  • Images – try to use pictures and images that reflect what you do as a business. It’s a good idea to use unique images that you’ve either had designed for you, or use professional photographs of your goods.

If you’re looking to have a banner or sign created for your business, then Big Value Banners can help. Our banner ordering system is simple, simply choose your banner, upload your design, and order. If you have any questions about our products, or require quick delivery, please call us on 01939 260 377 and speak to a member of our team.