Choosing the Right Font for Your Banner

When it comes to designing your banner, you need to pay special attention to the font you use. If you have a banner that people find difficult to read, then you’re advert is likely to be ineffective. When choosing the font for your advertising, consider the following:


The first thing you need to consider when looking at fonts is which one to actually use. A strong font can be a powerful tool for your business, especially if it is reflective of your company, or what you are promoting. In advertising, the font you need must be clear enough to read, which often eliminates cursive or unusual fonts.

A clear font with a small gap between each letter will make it easy for people to read and works best for banner adverts.

Font Size

You will find that you won’t get the responses you want from your advert if the banner text is too small and therefore illegible. The text on PVC banners needs to be easy to read from a considerable distance to be effective, so make sure that you choose a suitable font size that allows the banner to be read with ease.

Colour and Background Colour

The colours you use on your banner will have a direct impact on your text. Your text should contrast the background colour so that it can easily be read, but not to the extent that it clashes or looks unpleasant. A shade that is too close to the background colour will cause the text to become unreadable, and colours that clash in a bad way could put customers off using your business.

When looking at colours, it is sometimes best to stick with more traditional scheme, or those that are associated with your business. For instance, retail sales are usually advertised in red and white, which customers are conscious of and therefore respond quickly to.

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