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How to design a PVC banner

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Designing a banner for your business can be difficult. These important pieces of advertising can attract customers from far and wide; and if designed correctly, they can provide a considerable return on investment.

One of the most important things to keep in mind when designing a banner is that it needs to be readable and clear from a distance. There are few ways you can do this, so to help we have put together a guide on how to create the best banner.

Think about where you put the banner

meshWhere you put your banner will have a huge impact on its design, especially the background colour. Think carefully about how the banner will look compared to the background – will it blend in? Or will it stand out? You may need to adapt your original ideas so your banner can be seen clearly.

Use the right colours

Once you know where your banner is going to be placed, you can start to think about which colours work together. We recommend you opt for bright and contrasting colours that will catch the eye. It’s simple logic, choosing these vibrant colours will make sure that people notice the banner and see what you want to say.

The colour you choose for your text is also important. It should work well the background colour, and be easy to read.

Go for big text

When it comes to banner design, it’s often the case that the phrase bigger is better really is true. You will likely want your banner Ready to Go Christmas Treesto be visible from a distance, or by people who are driving past.

This means you need to go for big and bold text and keep your message short. This is different to other forms of marketing, where instead you may try to say as much as possible.

It isn’t only the size you need to think about, you will also need think about the font that you use. While it’s tempting to use flamboyant and ornate text, this may not be readable and easy to understand from a distance or at speed.

There is no point creating a beautiful PVC banner if you don’t have all the right information on it. Make sure that your key points are included and decide which message is the most important, creating a level of importance with different sized text.

Don’t forget the images

While the text that you have on a banner is important, you shouldn’t forget about images too. High quality pictures that are relevant to your business may just help push your message.

Try to leave yourself enough space to be able to present your text and you will have the perfect banner for your business.

Follow our simple step by step process

Ordering a banner for your business is simple if you follow our 5 step in house process. First, choose your material and size, then head to the checkout where you can upload your artwork. Once we’ve created your design proof and you’ve approved it, we’ll print and ship your order!

Here at Big Value Banners, we are experts in designing and printing a wide variety of banners. Whether you are a shop, a restaurant or any other type of business, get in touch with us on 01939 260 377 to find out about our banner printing services.