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What the Font You Choose for Your Banner Says About Your Business

A few months ago, we talked about the importance of choosing a font that’s easy to read for your banner. This time we’re going to go a little more in depth and look at using specific fonts and exactly what they say about your business.


Simple, straightforward and clear, Arial is one of the most commonly used fonts in a variety of contexts. It’s not the most eye-catching, but if you want something professional-looking that’s easy to read Arial is ideal. It gives a no nonsense, grounded impression, perfect for those in the construction industry and similar.


Another good choice for those looking for simplicity, Impact has the advantage of being narrower than Arial, meaning you can pack more information into the same space. Using Impact suggests you value substance over style and is a good choice for businesses such as home improvement stores or finance companies.


Bookman has the advantage of being a nice, clear font, but with more classic styling. This keeps it professional, but with a slightly more upmarket feel, making this the ideal font for businesses such as solicitors and finance companies.

Apple Chancery

A much more flamboyant font, Apple Chancery suggests style and attention to appearances, so would work well for florists, tailors and the like. It also has something of an “olde-worlde” charm, so could suit businesses such as independent book shops and record shops.

Segoe Script

Fonts like this give off a much more relaxed impression, so are great for children’s entertainers, party suppliers and other brands with a focus on fun. Sego Script is not so good for those who want to give off a professional air and can be a little harder to read, so is not advisable for everyone.


Gigi is an example of the kind of script that has a much more niche appeal due to being heavily stylised. It’s also relatively hard to read and won’t necessarily look very appealing when blown up to the larger size required for an advertising banner, so does run the risk of making you look unprofessional.

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