With Christmas fast approaching, it’s time to advertise your Christmas meals. Using an outdoor banner is a great way to tell people that you’ve started taking bookings for one of the busiest days of the hospitality year. Make sure you get fully booked with the correct advertising and signage.

Banner placement

You need to make sure your banner is placed somewhere it can be seen. If you place your banner on the outside of your business premises, make sure it’s at the entrance or front facing part of the building so people passing by can see it clearly. If you have a car park or walled entrance facing the street, you may want to place an outdoor banner in these spots too, in order to get the most visibility.


In the hospitality industry, you might be faced with a lot of competition for Christmas meal bookings. To combat this, make sure your banner highlights something unique about your Christmas dinner, perhaps a good price deal or maybe the selection of food on offer. You should aim to display information that will make a customer choose your Christmas meal over the other local pubs and restaurants.

Banner design

Reflect your business in your banner design. This will let potential customers knows what kind of Christmas bookings you are taking. For example, a restaurant with a high-end three course meal may want a simplistic design, whereas a local pub with a hearty carvery may want to display the family friendly nature of the venue. Remember to include a phone number or website address of where potential customers can find out more information on your Christmas dinner and how they can book a table.

If you’d like a high quality outdoor banner to advertise your Christmas dinner bookings, Big Value Banners can help. With our simple in-house process, you can choose to use our free design service or upload your own artwork so you can get your PVC banners displayed in no time. For more information, please call us on 01939 260 377 or you can contact us online.

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