Design advice

Golden Rules of Design

When it comes to designing effective advertising, there are some golden rules that everyone can follow to ensure promotional success. Read on to discover the golden rules you need to follow to achieve great results from your adverts.

Simplicity = Success!

Death_to_stock_communicate_hands_1Overcomplicating your design can lead to poor engagement and reaction. A sign that is complicated to read, or contains too much information can be off-putting to customers, and completely ignored by people in a rush. Think simplistically and cover the basics in your banners and signs.
Remember – people can always ask you for more information when they get in touch!

Be consistent

Consistency in your designs can help customers build familiarity with your brand. So, if you’re planning on creating an entire campaign then be sure your adverts looks the same or similar. It is fine to mix things up in design, but always have an identifying logo, font, or image in all adverts so consumers can easily make a connection.

Be unique

Get noticed by designing something different from your industry competitors. Being unique in your branding and your adverts can help catch attention. Designing your adverts may even mean you discover the need for a complete branding overhaul.

Mix it up

Death_to_stock_communicate_hands_9It may seem like it contradicts the point about consistency, but mixing up the way you get your messages across can really help improve the effectiveness of your advertising. Whether you change the background colour, or use an alternative to traditional PVC banners, adding some variety, without straying from your brand guidelines, can have a powerful impact.

Don’t forget the Call to Action

It can be easy to come up with an amazing design only to realise that you’ve not included any call to action. Whether your website URL, your phone number, or simply an arrow pointing in the direction of your shop, a call to action can seriously increase the chances of a consumer truly engaging with your brand.

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