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Using Banners to increase sponsorship and encouragement

Using Banners to increase sponsorship and encouragement during running events

As the running event season is beginning soon, event organisers are likely to have opened registration to the public and confirmed their route, but may still be seeking out sponsorship from local businesses and looking at ways to motivate participants. One way to both advertise your sponsors’ businesses and motivate is by displaying banners and signs along your route.

Whether you’re organising a local 5k for the first time, or are a well-known marathon event, here’s how you can use banners to increase business sponsorship of your event and increase runners motivation.

Provide a platform for marketing

You’re bound to have a number of sponsors who, although they are contributing to a worthy cause, are also hoping to get some promotion for their business. Allowing sponsors to have banner space on the route of your run that increases depending on the amount they donate will increase sponsorship, while benefiting the businesses.

Increasing sponsorship through advertising space will also reduce the amount of money you may need to charge those wanting to compete. A lower entry fee will lead to an increase in competitors and those taking part.

Motivate participants

It doesn’t matter whether they’re experienced, or this is their first event, all runners partaking in your event will need some motivation. Cheering crowds and refreshments will help, as can motivational messages written on the sidelines, or overhead.

Pick a number of inspirational quotes and have them printed onto your PVC banners. Remember to also include banners stating the halfway mark, and have one saying ‘almost there’ or similar at ¾ of the way. These will help keep runners’ spirits high.

It is a good idea to have these motivational banners designed in a uniformed way, so as to stand out from the adverts. This way, runners will look out for these moments of motivation, further encouraging them to keep going and reach their goal.

Here at Big Value Banners we specialise in creating professional looking banners for businesses and local events. Whether you’re a company who is sponsoring a local race, or are event organisers who are looking to have banners created, take a look at our website to find out more about the products we sell, or give us a call on 01939 260 377 with any questions.