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Kitting out your pop up venue

Pop up venues are great ways to increase your revenue and spread the word about your brand. When running a pop up shop or restaurant, you want to make maximum impact without eating too much into your budget. To achieve the best results, without spending too much, here’s how to kit out your pop up venue.

Think stylishly

DeathtoStock_Medium2Part of the draw to pop up venues is the temporary exclusivity they deliver. To reinforce the special experience of a temporary venue, you should think stylishly when choosing decoration and during design.

Thinking stylishly doesn’t automatically mean you need to spend a lot of money. Often stylish can mean minimalism or hacking into the current fashion trends. Achieve either, by creating a sparse space that focuses on what you’re selling, or purchasing cheap but trendy decorations and furnishings.

Get locally inspired

Part of the draw of your pop up venue is its location, so why not play into this by making sure your pop up reflects the local community. Be inspired by local fashions and heritage and reflect this in the items you have in your venue to attract customers.

Engage with talent

Death_to_stock_communicate_hands_5Pop ups allow for some pretty impressive cross promotion, and there is no reason why yours shouldn’t do the same. Engaging and collaborating with local artists, musicians, and other businesses can help increase awareness for both you and them.

Cover the basics

Design aside, you need to make sure you have everything you need to successfully run your pop up. Whether this be a cash register, cooking facilities, or carrier bags, you need to make sure you won’t disappoint any customer with a poorly ran show.


If you don’t advertise your pop up venue, then you could end up with little to no visitors. Onsite, or nearby advertising is a key way to attracting passers-by, so make sure you use plenty of different forms of visual advertising. Feather flags positioned right outside, or posters and A boards, will drive people into your premises.

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