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How to Make Your Stall Stand Out at a Festival

Festival season is on its way and now’s the time to start preparing your displays to make yourself stand out. With more and more people starting their own small businesses following the redundancies of the recession, competition is high and you need to stand out to attract attention to your stall.

There is lots of advice on the internet about how to set up the table of your stall – the perfect arrangement of products; organising by price and colour or lighting your products – but how do you get the customers over to you in the first place? From afar stalls can look much the same, so having a PVC banner that people can see from a distance is the perfect way to grab people’s attention and promote yourself. Here are some tips to think about for your banner.

Sell Your Brand

You’ve probably spent hours if not days or weeks designing your logo and a banner is the perfect place to put it to use! Never again will you get it printed so big! This is a great way to start to get your logo recognised and build your business’s identity. You could also colour co-ordinate your stall around the logo to cement your branding, whilst also making your eye-catching stall jump out of the line-up.

If You’ve Got It Flaunt It!

What’s good about your business? If your work is all handmade, sustainably sourced, original, or made in Britain, make sure you tell people! All businesses have a USP, that’s why you’re still going. Take some time to think about what you can offer that nobody else can and write that on your banners. It might be that your USP is that your work is unique to your area or you are the cheapest. Whatever it is, you’ve got to shout about it because people are often too shy to ask.

Get Some Height

Stalls lined up one after the other can become quite a monotonous horizon, so breaking up that line can really make you stand up. Feather flags are a great way to do this, coming with their own stand so you don’t have to rack your brains about where you’re going to attach it. Our flags can be as high as 4.5m high and are easily packed away and transported.

Beat the rain!

Though we hope for a sun-filled summer every year in the UK, we’ve got to come back down to earth at some point and realise that rain is pretty likely! Having a gazebo roof for your stall can be very inviting for customers if it starts to drizzle and also gives you a great place to hang some banners. You could try hanging a banner above the entrance or across the back behind your display. PVC banners are a great option for this, as this waterproof and hardwearing material will be guaranteed to last from season to season. Alternatively you could use an outdoor banner stand to display your PVC banner.

For more information on our PVC banners, feather flags and other signs take a look at the Big Value Banner website or give us a call on 01939 291 825.