Advertising advice

Marketing Your Business on a Budget

Setting up a new business often means that you are restricted with your budget and can only afford the ‘essentials’. This often means that marketing efforts are overlooked, or put on hold until you’ve made enough of a profit to afford a structured marketing campaign. Unfortunately, not marketing your business during its earliest stages means that you may find it hard to attract new customers, which could damage your business’s future.

Despite budget issues, there are actually plenty of ways to market your business. Whether you have a limited, or non-existent budget, check out our suggestions of innovative marketing that won’t break the bank.

Tap into Social Media

You’ve probably got this one covered, but social media is the place where start-ups and businesses with a budget thrive. It is incredibly easy to set up professional media accounts, and all you need to maintain it is a steady Wi-Fi connection or smartphone. Social media easily lets you connect with your client base, promote your business, and target new customers, making it perfect for small businesses looking to increase their trade. Post regularly, and interact with customers rather than pay for likes and follows as this will help create loyal customers.

Try Guerrilla Tactics or Similar

Guerrilla tactics will not work for every business. Those operating in B2B may find that the use of guerrilla marketing or similar tactics puts potential customers off, but those who run a retail business may want to experiment.

Gimmicks, such as flash mobs, viral content, and interactive marketing are memorable ways to promote your business, and can achieve some great results. Spend time researching a variety of alternative marketing, but be wary of UK law so as to avoid illegal activity such as promotional graffiti in prohibited areas.

Use a Banner

A banner is a useful marketing tool for a business in its early stages and should be looked at as an investment. A cheap vinyl banner can be used for multiple purposes, from advertising to being used as a temporary shop sign, and can be easily moved. This means that you can maximise its use and experiment with advertising locations to find which works best for your business.

If you think that a banner is the best way to marketing your emerging company, then why not take a look at the selection of banners on our website. We can create custom banners for your business, simply follow the steps online, or get in touch on 01939 260 377 for more information.