Advertising advice

Marketing your Pop Up Shops

With there being plenty of empty premises on and off the high street, setting up a pop-up-shop and making use of these spaces is now a popular and savvy business idea. As property owners are eager to fill their retail spaces and are therefore often offering reduced rates for short-term lets, then small business owners can easily create a temporary shop and keep within their budget.

In order to get the most out of your pop up shop though, business owners will need to market their temporary space to attract as many customers as possible to maximise profit. So that you can quickly gain interest in your pop up shop, we come up with a couple of suggestions.

Flyers and Opening Night

Make sure that people know that your shop is going about to open by printing flyers and handing them out either near the shop’s premises, or in busy shopping areas. Include the address so that your shop can be easily found and make sure it has your USP (Unique Selling Point) on it or something else that will entice people to your store. You could promote your opening day or night on the flyer and then host an evening or event where you offer people snacks and entertainment whilst they browse.

Banners and Signs

When setting up a pop up shop, you are usually left with a part furnished, or empty space, and a store front that has the name of the old business above the door, or no sign at all. Of course, it is impractical to pay for a permanent sign to be created when only occupying the premises for a short period, so instead have a PVC banner created with your business name on that you can hang over the store front.

Once open, you should still be advertising your shop and its location. Create an A-board to help shoppers know where your store is, but keep it simple so that it can be reused. Consider simply using an arrow so that you can direct them, and writing ‘pop up shop’ on it instead of writing the store’s name and location. This means that should you move locations, not find a permanent home for your business, or start using a different name, you can still use the same sign.

If you’re opening a pop up shop and would like a professional banner or pavement sign created for it, then please take a look at our website or get in touch by calling 01939 260 377.