Advertising advice

How to maximise your return on investment with banner advertising

Banner advertisements are a great way to promote your business in the local area and spread the word about your company. They can be used for a variety of intentions including pushing a particular promotion, directing foot traffic to your shop or providing contact details. Whatever you use banner advertisements for, make sure you are maximising your return on investment.

Directional banners

Banner advertisements that direct potential customers to your store need to be well thought out before purchasing to ensure no signs are wasted. Plan out where you would like to advertise in advance of buying, and make sure you have any necessary permissions. Once this has been arranged, you can design banners to fit with the advertising spots rather than buying an excess.

Sale banners

If you have sale banners to promote certain promotions or discounts, opting for one uniform banner that can be used more than once helps to improve your ROI. Select a design that can be applied to several sales throughout the year rather than one for each discount. To do this, you should avoid percentages or seasonal themes and use traditional text such as ‘Sale now on’ or ‘Discounts in store’.

Contact us banners

Banners to include contact information should make sure all relevant contact details are included. This means you don’t have to purchase multiple banners with differing details on and improves the user experience as they will have all necessary information. This includes phone number, address and website so potential customers can contact you in several different ways.

Displaying products

If you would like to advertise particular products with your banners, think in advance and choose expensive products that you will have a real benefit from selling. Or rather you could choose products that you know already sell well and would like to inform more people about them.

Maximising your return on investment is all about efficient advertising to provide the most information possible to promote your business and services. At Big Value Banners, we specialise in PVC banners that advertise your company in a visual and eye-catching way. If you’d like more information, get in touch by calling 01939 260 377 or contact us online.