Advertising advice

Ways to maximise your banner advertising

Advertising using banners provides a versatile way to increase the number of customers that use your business. Banner adverts can help increase your profits and public awareness of your business especially if they are well thought out. To make the most of your banners and to maximise the value of your advertising investment, consider the following.

Location, Location, Location

The location of your banner is incredibly important. Hang it in an area where no one goes and it’s not going to be effective. However, place it in an area with a high footfall, or where your target customers regularly visit, and your banner will be highly effective.

Double the visibility

A great way to boost your banners’ visibility is to use a double sided banner. Printing your logo and design on two sides can double its exposure as consumers can see your advert from multiple directions. Double-sided banners are well-suited for advertising at special events and are also great for hanging across the middle of streets in busy areas.

Reuse them

There will be plenty of times where you will need new banners created, but having a couple of banners that you can easily reuse is a simple way to maximise advertising opportunities. Having high quality, durable PVC banners created will mean that you can reuse the banners throughout the year.

Match them with other marketing

Matching the colours, images, and text in your banner with other forms of advertising and marketing that you use can be a great way to make the most of your banners. Using the same colours and fonts throughout all of your marketing campaign creates a stronger image for your business helping it to become more prominent and appealing to customers.

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