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It’s not too late for last minute festive advertising!

Ready to Go Christmas Fair

The festive season is a wonderful time, and, although it is often a hectic time for businesses in the retail and hospitality industry, it can be their most successful part of the year. Indulging in some serious marketing will entice customers to come and visit you, buy your products or services, helping to improve profits before the end of the year.

While you probably have your festive marketing in place already, it’s not too late to introduce some last minute advertising, or run a special promotion, to help boost those sales. Here are our suggestions of some last minute, effective marketing to use this Christmas.


Small snowman decoration surrounded by snowWhile music has become more mobile, there are still plenty of people who tune into their local radio station during their daily commute. This means that radio advertising is an effective way of communicating your message to your customers.

Make sure that you get your key message across during your allotted time, and if you can, make the advert memorable. Otherwise it could quickly be forgotten, along with what it was that you wanted to say.

Be wary though, as advertising on the radio isn’t as simple as recording a brief message. You may need to pay for a professional voiceover team to create an ad for you, and may even need to employ someone to create a jingle! This doesn’t include the costs of radio ads, as they can be quite expensive, however, it budget allows, it is a great way to target a local audience.

Social media

Christmas presents in snowSocial media can be an instant way to communicate with a huge number of people. If you think your last minute festive changes will impact on your regular customers (those that follow you on social media that is) then create a social media post that you can share. With the option to promote posts and increase reach, using social media can be a low cost way to see an increase in sales.

Don’t forget to wish them all a Merry Christmas when you make a post; that personal touch will really make the difference.


Ready to Go Christmas TreesBanners outside your business or placed locally elsewhere are a great way to communicate a short message to anyone who passes. This could include opening hours or perhaps a big festive sale!

You may think that banners take a considerable amount of time to produce. However, here at Big Value Banners we can provide ready to go banners and unique designed banners in a quick turnaround!

We understand at times things can happen last minute in any business, and just because you need an advertising banner quickly, that shouldn’t impact on the quality that you receive.

So, if you want to take advantage of our service, no matter the time of year, get in touch with us today on 01939 260 377 and see how we can help your business to get noticed.