Planning your Retail Banners for 2015

As we step into 2015, it’s a good time to start planning and finalising for the year ahead. While there may be the need to create last minute advertising, there are a number of special events that are already in your retail diary that you can start planning for. Getting a head start on your advertising can save you time and make busy periods less hectic, especially if you’re a small or medium sized business. To help you out with your 2015 marketing, here’s our reminder of some of the 2015 events that you may need advertising for.

January Sales

The advertising for your January sales should be completed before the end of December, but if you’re running late, then consider having simple red PVC sale signs created. These can be used throughout the year, so long as they don’t mention January, and can also be reused in the following year.

Easter Offers

If you’re planning some springtime promotions, then having Easter banners and signs created is a great way to market your business. Use pale pastels and don’t forget the seasonal images. Easter eggs, bunnies, and baby animals, along with flowers and plants look brilliant on spring advertising and can help encourage people to shop with you.

Local Events

Don’t just think about the big celebrations, and events that are going to happen in 2015, but also about the small local events that your community. Being involved in the community is vital to a retail business’s success and contributing or promoting local events will help.
If you have the budget available, then consider helping with the promotion of local festivals or sponsoring local sports teams by paying for their advertising. Not only will this support the local community, but it will also help promote your business.

In-Store Promotions

If you’re deciding to run in-store promotions, then you’ll need to alert customers of these offers. Where large banners are much more appreciated for seasonal sales, promotions that last for only a short period of time are better promoted in another way.
An A-board or poster is a great cost-effective way to advertise these short offers, as the clip frames and board can be reused, with only the paper poster inside needing to be changed.

Fireworks Night and Halloween

Autumn festivities can be a great way to boost sales before the Christmas shopping period begins. If you sell fireworks or Halloween decorations and outfits, then a Halloween or firework themed banner or advert will help you push seasonal sales.

Black Friday

As the biggest American shopping day of the year crosses the pond and British shoppers start to embrace the large discounts and deals, it may be worth having signs created that promote your retail offers.

Christmas Celebrations

As the lead up to Christmas is the busiest time of year for retailers, you should be using signs and advertising to push sales and maximise profit. Get festive and use Christmas imagery and colours. It’s a good idea to leave organising and designing your Christmas banners until the middle of the year, as you can see the trends that have developed over the first half of the year.

Topical and Cultural Events

Along with these events and dates to plan for, there is also going to be a number of unplanned events. Store expansions, relocations, and news events that are relevant to your business can be unpredictable at the beginning of the year. It is always a good idea to factor this into your budget so that ‘last-minute’ advertising can be created.

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