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Planning sale signs

Christmas is such a busy time for shopping, with millions of people off to the shops to stock up for Christmas food, presents and decorations. This is a great business opportunity for companies to harness this Christmas audience and increase sales over the Christmas period. Not only this, but January sales are fast approaching too. With all the competition over the festive period, it pays to be prepared with your sale signs.


Position is really important for your sale signs. Depending on the nature of your business, you may want your sale sign in your shop window or you may want it in the busy high street, attracting customers from the road. It will most likely depend on where your shop is in relation to the busiest parts of your area or community as to whether you display your sign out of your shop. If you have an online business, you need to work out where the most foot or car traffic is locally in order to attract the biggest audience to your website.


Sale signs are traditionally red with white text saying ‘Sale’. This is because red signs are bold and attracting which draws in customers on an impulsive level. You can read more about the reasoning behind red sale signs in our previous blog post and decide whether you want to delve into a different colour for your own sign.

Other than text saying ‘sale’ you may want to include something unique or particularly good about your sale. This will help combat competition and help to make your sign stand out amongst the other red sale signs. This could be text detailing a really good offer such as up to 50% off or you may want to advertise one line of stock that needs to go during the January sales.

It’s quite pleasant to have some festive decoration on your signs too, perhaps some images of Christmas holly or snow, as a cheerful festive gesture.


The style and format of your sale sign is important too. PVC banners are most likely to fit your requirements in advertising a sale. They can be displayed both indoors and outdoors meaning you are not tied down in regards to their position. This flexibility can be ideal if you feel your sign is not attracting as many customers as you’d like and would like to rearrange. PVC is a good quality material which suggests to potential customers that your business offers good quality products and is worth shopping in.


PVC banners are also flexible in terms of the sizes you can have printed, ranging from 2m x 1m to 20ft x 8ft. If you’re unsure of what size would be best for your business, you may want to print a range of sizes that can be displayed in a variety of places. This allows you the freedom to pick and choose on certain days of the week, or display in a variety of spots around your shop and local area. For a shop window, you may want to measure the window and pick a size that will fit your store perfectly.

Planning sale signs can be tricky but getting it right is invaluable for your business, attracting new customers and boosting your winter sales ready for the New Year. Big Value Banners have experience in designing and printing sale signs all year round so if you’d like some advice or help in perfecting your festive signs this year, you can call us on 01939 260 377 or you can contact us online and we will get back to you promptly.