It might still be chilly outside, but pretty soon spring is going to arrive and people are going to be venturing outdoors again. Owners of coffee shops, restaurants, and other businesses can make the most of warm weather by providing outdoor seating and cordoning off the area with one of our newest products, café barriers.

Café barriers are multi-functional and can provide the following benefits to a business.

Creates an exclusive area

If your business is in a busy area, like a shopping district, then café barriers can help you create an outdoor seating space that is exclusively for your customers. Separating the seating area with a barrier can create a peaceful section away from passers-by allowing your patrons to relax.

Increased trade

Being able to step away from busy areas and still sit outside can be a draw for potential customers, especially when the sun is shining. Providing outdoor seating also increases your business’s capacity without you having to move to a larger premises, allowing you to increase trade without increasing your overheads.

Marketing opportunities

A café barrier provides another opportunity for you to market your business. Having the banners printed with your company logo and the name of your business allows for extra advertising. Using our café barrier banners allows you to advertise on both sides as they are manufactured from two layers of heavy duty vinyl with a light-stop material in between.


As the banner posts and bases are moveable, you can easily change the layout of your outdoor seating area as you wish (within your allocated area). This means that you can choose to increase the space on sunnier days, or as and when extra tables are required.

If you want to make the most of your outdoor seating areas this year, then use Big Value Banner’s café barriers. Like all of our vinyl banners, our café barriers are created with high quality materials and inks. To discuss your ideas, or to find out more about our products, call us on 01939 260 377.

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