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Prepare for your exhibition: What you need to remember

Exhibition preparation can be a time consuming task, especially if you’re prepping for the first one of the year. Making sure you’re more than prepared is the first step to improving brand awareness and increasing profit at an exhibition. So, to help, we’ve come up with suggestions of what you need to make your exhibition a success.


Allow people to get information about your business without necessarily having to talk to you on the day. If you’re busy speaking to another visitor to your stall, or a passer-by is too busy to stop for a proper chat, then they can take a leaflet and either stop by later on or get in touch using the details on the leaflet.

Example products

Showing what you do by showing the products you sell can be a great way to increase sales. Having sample products and even some stock to sell on the day means that you could see a temporary boost in sales during and after the exhibition.

Business cards

Providing people with contact details means that they are 100% more likely to get in touch. Personal business cards that relate to the exhibitor mean that potential customers can speak directly to the person they met on the day the next time they make contact.


Give people something to walk away with that will remind them of your business. Branded sweets, pens, t-shirts, seeds, and other items that relate to the nature of your business are great items to giveaway. Make sure they include contact information or reminders of what you do to encourage people to keep in touch.

Exhibition stands

Making sure that your business can stand out by having a personalised banner stand can help your business leave a big impact. A banner stand, like our Aero Exhibition Stand or our 3×3 Curved Pop Up, are ideal for showcasing your business and attracting customers. Easy to assemble and transport, they can be printed to show your business logo and branding, helping you to leave the right impression.

Discussion topics

Even if you are sending your chattiest members of staff, it is still worth preparing some discussion topics, or highlight points that you need to make during chats with potential clients. This can be a great aid to those who aren’t naturally chatty, and can help those who are focus on what they have to say.

Learning the key point prior to the exhibition will stop your employees from having to read information straight from a leaflet or booklet, which can have a negative impact.

Email signup sheet

Capturing details can be difficult, especially if there are a lot of people wanting to speak to you during the exhibition. A simple clipboard and forms where people can leave contact details will mean that anyone interested in your business can request that you get in touch, or sign up for marketing emails.

Big Value Banners can help you prepare for your exhibition with our exhibition stands. Our products can be printed with your business’s logo and branding so that you can stand out and reach potential customers. Browse our website to find products to suit your needs, or get in touch by calling 01939 260 377 to find out how we can help.