Promoting Your Beauty Salon

Promoting and advertising your business isn’t a new concept – poster adverts, TV and radio adverts and newspaper ads have been around for generations.  The modern business can still access these and also add to them a host of new ways to advertise.  But how do you know where to advertise?  And what are the most cost effective methods?

Traditional advertising

hair-dryerFor beauty salons, the aim of advertising is to reach local customers – in most cases people aren’t going to travel from three counties up for a beauty treatment!  This means that many traditional advertising outlets are still relevant – local newspapers being a good example alongside flyers sent through the mail.

You can even partner with other local businesses to swap advertising and reach new customers.  For example, if your local newsagents have a bulletin board you could add a leaflet or a small banner there and in return, advertise their services within your business.  Similarly, local supermarkets or convenience stores may offer a similar service.

Advertising via local TV stations and radio is still an option for businesses although perhaps less than in the pre-internet days.  Local radio ads can reach people and their repetition is often a good way to create an awareness of the business.  However, this can be more expensive ways to advertise than other options.

Banners and posters

Physically advertising your business is an eye-catching way to get new customers or remind existing ones where your business is located.  There are lots of ways to do this in a cost-effective way.

PVC and rigid plastic signage can be placed outside the business to draw attention to it as well as in other locations where advertising is offered – the local authority often sell space for advertising such as on roundabouts or road sides.  These offer a quick way to grab attention from people passing but the advert does need to be specific so having it made by an expert is a good way to go.

Internet advertising

make-upWith the growth of the internet, new ways to advertise a business have emerged.  Top of the list is social media advertising as this is a great way to reach and engage with younger customers.  A Facebook business page, a Twitter account and an Instagram business account all provide great free ways to advertise the business and with the option to boost posts with paid campaigns, you can promote special offers to your target market reasonably quickly.

Having a website for the business is also a good idea.  It is a way to highlight the services offers which for a beauty salon can be a big advantage – you don’t need to tell someone what a service does, you can show them.  Using the website as the centre of the online presence for the business might include using a blog to bring traffic as well as paid advertising through search engines such as Google and Bing to reach a new audience.

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