If you’re looking to promote your local exercise class, an effective banner is an incredibly useful tool to help you increase attendance and publicise your class. Whether your class is general keep fit, a dance class, aqua aerobics, tai chi or spinning, a simple banner can work wonders.

Here are some tips to producing and displaying your banner to the best effect:


Use bold spinningcolours

In some cases you may have to stick to a certain colour scheme and logo, for example if you are advertising a Zumba class, but most of the time this will be up to you. Bold colours will draw the eyes of passersby, making sure that they are aware of your exercise class.


Choose a readable font

Once you have gained their attention, you need to ensure that members of the public are able to read the information on your banner. If it’s a long way from the road you may wish to use a large font and limit the amount of text you use. If you are mainly looking to attract people who are walking in and out of the venue, you can afford to use a smaller font and include more information. In either case, always choose a font that is clear and easy to read.


yoga-1146280_1920Be concise

You don’t need to include every last detail on your banner. It may be enough to give the name of the class, the times, the location and a website or contact information. If you have more space, you may wish to include more detail, but don’t go overboard. The aim of a banner is to catch people’s attention as they pass, so they will need to be able to absorb the information quickly without too much clutter.


Use pictures

Pictures are a great way to demonstrate what sort of exercise will take place and to potentially pinpoint your target demographic. Make sure pictures are of a high quality and match the background colours. If you are advertising an official class you may need to include the logo either in addition to or instead of an image.


Display it prominently

However great your banner is, people won’t be able to see it if it’s tucked away somewhere round the side of the building. Make sure it can be seen from as many angles as possible and ensure that it is firmly secured so that it doesn’t blow away or become unreadable in windy conditions.

If you’re looking for a high-quality banner to promote your exercise class and engage with your local community, Big Value Banners can help. We produce a broad range of PVC banners to fit a range of budgets and can give you the advice you need to ensure that your banner is as effective as possible.

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