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Rebranding in the New Year

The New Year is often seen as time to reinvent yourself and start afresh for the year ahead, which is why it’s an ideal time to rebrand a business. Many companies use the New Year ethos to rebrand their business and create a new look for the company. When considering a rebrand, you need to remember these guidelines.

Publicise the rebrand

If you’re going to up haul and create new branding, your customers need to know about it. By advertising your new look, you can try and attract new customers and get you in good stead for the next year.

To publicise this, consider some temporary signage that you can place outside your shop or in your local area to show that your business is currently under construction. Advertise the date that you plan to have your new branding displayed to create some talk and excitement amongst the local people.

Change your look

Once you’ve advertised your rebrand, you need to get started on it! Rather than temporary signage, get some more permanent PVC banners that can be displayed in stores and in high traffic areas to showcase your new design and logo.

Including specific details, about how potential customers can take a closer look at your rebranding and visit your store directly, can increase the chance of new visitors. Enlist the help of a local designer that can help get all your branding updated and matching before you get it onto print though, to ensure a consistent and effective look.

Grow your business

Once you have your initial rebranding ready, you can start to think about expanding. Investing in extra signage such as an A board outside your shop or feather flags can help draw in new clients that might not have seen your PVC banners in the area.

If you’d like a hand with a rebrand this New Year, then get in touch with Big Value Banners. We have a huge range of banners and designs that can effectively advertise your new look to the right people. For more information, call us on 01939 260 377 or you can contact us online.