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Advertising while respecting your community

Unfortunately, not every individual is going to respond well to advertising, especially if they feel it is an eyesore. While banners placed near dual carriageways and sports grounds often cause little disruption, those placed in town centres and other community areas may be seen as a cause for complaint by locals.

Placing banners in high visibility areas is an undoubtedly a great way to market your business, but should the banners be complained about, businesses could see their advertising efforts have a negative effect.

So, if you’re planning on advertising and using banners in the heart of a community, how can you do so without creating complaints or having to remove them?

Plan by taking questionnaires

Testing the waters before displaying your banners can help you gage whether your advertising will offend anyone. A good way to find out whether your advertising is going to be a hindrance is to stand near where you are planning on displaying it and ask passers by their opinion.

Ask questions that directly relate to the banners and inform individuals of the planned size and colours they are going to be. If your banners are going to extend outwards from the building, be sure to mention this.

Blending in with the Environment

When designing your banners, think carefully about the colours you use and how they will blend in with the surrounding environment. If you are going to be displaying your adverts in a rural area, or a place with lots heritage, then you may want to use neutral hues and avoid brighter colours.

Check Planning Rules

There are rules that you must comply with when displaying a banner on your premises. Finding out what these are before you hang your banner will mean that you won’t breach any regulations and be given notice to remove them by your local council.

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