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Signposting your Christmas Market

A Christmas market is a great way to boost seasonal sales and create a special festive atmosphere in a town or city. If you’re hosting a Christmas market or festive fayre, then signposting and promoting your event will help increase awareness and allow visitors to really enjoy the special seasonal shopping extravaganza.

Location Signs

Increase the number of people visiting your Christmas market by creating banners that advertise when and where it is happening. Hang these signs in neighbouring towns and in areas with a high level of traffic to increase visibility and awareness of your festive market.

Pre-event Signs

You may want to advertise in the place where the market will be before anything is set up. Hanging temporary banners that say ‘Christmas Market here from the 24th November’ or similar is a great way to let passers-by know about the event.

Food Stall Signs

If your Christmas market is going to include a food area that is filled with delicious festive treats, make sure shoppers know where it is! Banners saying ‘Food Stalls’ or even the type of food customers can buy and eat can attract shoppers, especially if they show that you’re selling seasonal food and delicacies.

Direction Signs

If you’re hosting a larger fayre, then you may want to hang some direction signs to stop people from getting lost. Christmas markets can be incredibly hectic, so signposting toilets, first aid tents, and food stalls can help people navigate even in the busiest of times.

If you require signs and banners for your Christmas market, then speak to a member of our team. We can quickly create a variety of festive PVC banners and signs for businesses, whether you’ve got your own design, or whether you need assistance in creating one. Speak to us today by calling 01939 260 377.