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A Guide to Making a Successful Exhibition Stand

An exhibition is an ideal way to showcase your business, engage with customers, and make new business connections. Those representing their business at trade shows or exhibitions can make a huge impact through their personalities and sales techniques, but in order to entice people to come and say hello, they first need to set up an attractive exhibition stand that grabs the attention.

Here are some suggestions of what you might need to make a successful exhibition stand.

Display Stand or Table

Although you won’t be standing behind it, a table or display stand is an essential part of your exhibition space. A sturdy table or stand with a display of information packs, product examples, and freebees gives you props when talking, and something for potential customers to walk away with.

Interactive Media

Technology is a great way to make an impression, so making use of a tablet, or television screen, during an exhibition can help your company make a big impact. Showing a professionally produced video, or allowing customers to view and use your website easily draws attention and interest to your brand.

When deciding what interactive media to use, consider how it will be viewed. A noisy exhibition hall may limit the impact that a video with a lot of sound and speech may have. Whereas, a video without sound that makes use of text may grab the attention of individuals from a distance.

Indoor Banners

Getting attention from passers-by can be as simple as using your personality to make contact, but gaining interest from across the exhibition space can be a little more difficult. A professionally designed indoor banner stand that incorporates your branding can help you attract individuals from afar.

Branded Freebees

Everyone loves a freebee, so make sure you bring along plenty of branded items that can be given away. Logo pens, lanyards, bottled water, badges, and sweets make great giveaway items, and mean that those visiting your stand can leave with some reminders of your company and its work.

Try having items created that are relevant to your business or useful, for example, IT companies may want to give personalised computer accessories as their freebees.

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