Advertising advice

Using A-boards to target locals

For local advertising, there are a number of techniques to harness the right audience and get new customers for your business. One effective advertising method is A-boards. These are boards that fold out and can be stood outside of your store or in a high foot traffic spot.

Signpost to your store

A_Board[3]A-boards can be used to direct people to your store as they really stand out on a pavement or in the high street. They are effective at grabbing attention of people passing by that may not necessarily have noticed your store.

Advertise offers or USPs

As A-boards are so eye catching, it’s a great opportunity to advertise a special offer at your store or highlight your unique selling point. By placing an A-board outside of your store and showcasing your best offers and deals, you can entice local people to enter and take a look around.
Local knowledge

If local people are your precise target market, you could use A-boards as an opportunity to show your local knowledge and expertise. A funny joke that only local people would understand is a great way of enticing people to enter, even if it’s just for a chat. If you stock local produce, then advertise this on your A-boards too.

Flexible advertising

A-boards are fitted with posters on each side so they are not permanent. You can swap and change the posters as you see fit, so you can account for seasonal changes and offers. Having several high quality posters creates a much more flexible advertising strategy and the local people will enjoy the sight of a changing board rather than one static A-board.

If you’re looking to attract more local business, get in touch with Big Value Banners. We stock a range of high quality advertising designs including A-boards and large banners. You can find out more by calling 01939 260 377 or by filling out our contact form.