Using Sporting Events to Promote your Business

Those of us who watched nearly 40, 000 people run the London Marathon on Sunday will have noticed far more than a group of amazing runners. Whether watching it from the comfort of your own home, or spending the day getting sore hands from clapping so much at the event itself, viewers are bound to have noticed the sponsor banners lining the route of the course.

banner_on_frame-01Sponsoring a sporting event, or using a sporting event to promote your business is a great way to increase exposure, both nationwide and within the local community. Committing to one of the following this year is a fast-track way to increasing brand awareness and win at advertising!

Run a sports-based promotion

With huge sporting events, such as the Rio 2016 Olympic and Paralympic Games, happening this year, now is a great time to plan, advertise, and run a sports-based promotion. Special offers or discounts are brilliant ways to sell extra goods during the duration of, or lead up to the event.

You could continue to remind customers of the success of the British hosting of the Olympics in 2012 by offering Gold medal promotions and offers based on how many medals the UK wins while at Rio!

Support participants and sponsor an event


Discounting bike hire fees during the Tour de France can help increase the number of people hiring bikes.

Sponsoring an event helps you increase your reach within a community. A banner along the route, or around the pitch shows off your business to supporters and participants. If you have a relevant product then you could even offer it as a freebie to be included in the goodie bag once participants have crossed the finish line.

Cheer teams on and increase custom

If you’re showing a sporting event, like the Euro 2016, Rugby Union, or even the Tour de France, at your pub, café, or bar, then you can increase customers by advertising it! Displaying banners or street signs in the lead up to and on the day of the event will let passers-by and locals know they can watch the event at your establishment.

If your business is involved in a sporting event and you need to have an advertising banner or display created, then Big Value Banners can help. We have a range of PVC banners, posters, and feather flags that are perfect for local and national sporting events. Browse our website or get in touch by calling 01939 260 377.