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What’s the most affordable way to advertise your business?

Advertising your business effectively is vital to ensure you can run and grow your business, increasing your return on investment and profitability. There are numerous different advertising avenues including print, online and public advertising, each with their own advantages depending on your product or service offering. Finding the most affordable advertising method for your business may require some trial and error, but here are some pointers.

news-1591767_1920Print advertising

Finding a local magazine or a publication relevant to your industry can be a good place to start in terms of initial advertising for your business. You will need to find some highly relevant images and write really targeted copy to ensure your advert stands out. Magazine advertising, however, can often have a small reach depending on the type of magazine you choose, and can be quite expensive. Magazine adverts can range from £250 for local publications to £30,000 for national coverage.

Online advertising

Online adverting mainly refers to pay per click adverts on the internet. This kind of marketing enables you to really target your market and you only pay when someone has clicked or interacted with your advert so you know exactly how many people are responding. Online adverts will require a monthly budget and lots of time optimising your campaigns to ensure they run successfully, often depending on an agency to manage. Budgets can range anywhere from £200 a month to millions!

Outdoor Large Wall BannerPublic advertising

Public advertising includes flyers, banners and billboards in your local area to drive local visits and increase community engagement with your brand. This kind of advertising is likely to be the most affordable for your business, as it requires little upfront costs and markets your company at a more local and manageable level. PVC banners can be reused however many times you like due to their sturdy material, quickly paying for themselves and flyers are really cheap to print and could be posted through local letterboxes.


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