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Banners for Building Sites – Why Mesh is Best

These days it’s pretty standard for builders to put a banner up at whatever site they’re currently working on. It’s a cheap form of advertising and gives potential clients an instant point of reference if they like the look of the work that’s being done. However, there can be some disadvantages with using traditional banners on a building site, which is why mesh banners are often the perfect alternative.

Here are just some of the things that make mesh banners the ideal choice for builders:

Wind proof

One of the most popular places on a building site to hang a banner is on the side of scaffolding. This makes sense as it’s easy to attach things to and provides a high visibility location. This can be a problem with traditional PVC banners though, as they have a tendency to catch the wind, causing them to billow and potentially pull free or tear.

A mesh banner, however, is able to handle windy conditions much better. Fast moving air is able to pass through the many small holes in the banner’s surface reducing the load on it and lowering the risk of any damage.


For people working on an interior, it often makes sense to hang their banner across a window. This is especially true for shop-fitters as the large windows at the front of most shops make the perfect advertising space. Unfortunately, this can block a lot of natural light from entering the building, meaning you either end up with a really dark space to work in, or have to use extra artificial lighting.

If you want to exploit that advertising space while still taking advantage of all that natural light though, PVC mesh banners are the perfect solution. They will allow a significant amount of natural light through, even though a high percentage of their surface area remains printable.


Because around a third of the total area of a mesh banner is made up of holes, less material is used to cover the same area when compared to a standard PVC banner. This gives you a banner than is much lighter than normal, putting less strain on the fixings and making it easier to carry and get into position.

Alongside all these advantages, it’s worth remembering that all our PVC mesh banners can still be printed in full colour with a range of different designs. They also have all the same weather resistant qualities as our other PVC banners, making them proof against all sorts of weather, not just the wind!

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