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Choosing a Banner that can withstand the UK’s wintry weather

Those who are having visual advertising created for use specifically throughout the winter months should be taking the weather into account when making decisions over which kind of banner to buy and use.

Though UK weather isn’t as extreme as in other countries, it can be disruptive as shown in recent years. To avoid the brute force of the weather and the problems it can cause with the visibility of your advertising, business owners should ask the following questions when choosing visual advertising.

Can the Advert be Safely Secured?

Check whether the advert can be safely secured and that it therefore won’t blow away, fold over, or become unclear to read. This is particularly important if displaying in windy areas, such as coastal locations, but is also relevant to inland locations.

If you’re planning on advertising on A-boards and other pavement signage during the winter months, consider placement and whether it is likely to get knocked over by the wind. Using an A board that has a weighed base can prevent the advert from tipping over. If using pavement signage, be sure to keep it close to your business so that if it does fall over, your employees can quickly pick it back up.

Is the Advert Waterproof?

If displaying an ad banner outside, then it should be waterproof. If the text or images on your banner become water damaged because of the rain, then they will be ineffective and need to be replaced. Avoid using paper adverts completely, as these will quickly become damaged and disintegrate. Instead, opt for something more durable like our PVC banners, which are perfectly suited for outdoor use.

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