Working around the weather

When it comes to advertising your business, printed, outdoor banners give you a chance to display your brand, logo and company name to a number of passers-by and more importantly; prospective clients.

However, one of the concerns faced by businesses throughout the UK is how to ensure that this important piece of visual advertising stays in the best condition possible. Especially when it spends the majority of its time outside, exposed to a number of elements.

We’ve put together some top tips to making the most of your outside banner and make sure that it works for you, whatever the weather.

Bad weather

rainIf you’re concerned about the impact of bad weather, then a mesh banner is probably more suitable. By printing onto mesh, the wind can pass through the perforations and reduce the amount of banner movement.

If you are planning on installing a banner on a window, then a mesh banner is also ideal. The holes not only let wind through, but they also let some light through too. Perfect if you do not want to block the light out totally.

nightLow lighting

Concerned that your banner may be overlooked as the evenings start to get darker quicker? Then we heavily recommend you place your banner underneath lighting; to make sure it has the maximum effect.

This may have a higher cost to put it in place, but as the light starts to fade, you will be pleased to have the extra illumination to help promote your business.

Why Big Value Banners?

If you are looking to advertise your business and make sure that it gets noticed, then we can help. We design and manufacture a variety of different sized banners that can be displayed outside where everyone can see them. Our well-made, well-priced banners are the ideal solution to your advertising requirements.

So get in touch with our dedicated team to find out how we can create a banner that is perfect for your business by calling 01939 260 377 or filling in a contact form.