Working out your target market

The best way to ensure you are maximising sales for your business is to make sure you are communicating the benefits of buying from your business to your target market. This means getting the right message, to the right people, via the right media.

The right message

meshThe right message is one which explains to the consumer what problems you can solve for them, and why your business can solve those problems better than the competition.

Consider the products and services your business offers. Do you provide the tools and equipment the consumer needs to tackle the overgrown garden of their buy-to-let property? Is yours the perfect salon to trust to get hair and make-up done for a bride and three bridesmaids on the most important day of her life so far?

Once you can describe what your business delivers which is above and beyond the competition, whether it be; the personal touch, a wealth of experience, or hard to find brands, you can then consider who you need to be telling all about it.

The right people

womanThe right people are the ones who actually make up your potential customer base. It may be the case that your products and services are bought mainly by people buying for themselves, perhaps they are bought mainly as gifts, or by other businesses.

A simple but incredibly useful exercise is to imagine your customer base reduced to four people, each of whom represent a different type of customer for your business. Create a profile for each of these customer types, including; age ranges, gender, occupation and income, associated interests, and level of education.

A good four customer market model will enable you to devise the right strategy for communicating your message, and tailor it to tick all the boxes for your potential customers.

The right media

Cobra1-01Having established the message that you want to communicate, and the people you need to communicate this message to, it is now time to determine how best to communicate your message.

There are four ways to communicate with potential customers.

  1. Direct marketing – cold calling from lists, mail shots etc.
  2. Digital marketing – websites, affiliate sites and social media
  3. Advertising – print, TV, radio and online adverts
  4. Display marketing – window displays, signage and banners

A solid strategy will involve elements from at least two, if not all of these strands, and be tailored to your target market.

It is worth, however, taking extra time to consider the display marketing for your business in particular. For most businesses, their premises are the single biggest overhead, and it is common sense to use the physical platform your premises represent to form part of your communication strategy. Consider how many pedestrians, motorists (and among them potential customers) pass by your premises each day.

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