Big Value Banners Ltd collects data so that we may operate effectively and fulfil any products or service that you might request from us. All of the data provided is done so by you directly such as when you sign up for a account or request access via email.

We also receive website usage data from Google Analytics but this data is anonymous and is not tied to any particular individual.

The information that we collect includes name and address of the company on whose behalf you are operating as well as your name and contact telephone numbers and email (be them private or work-provided).

Payment data provided to us is not stored or processed by us, but by our third-party payment processors, SagePay, who specialise in the secure processing of credit/debit card transactions.

For account security reasons, we capture and store your web browser’s user agent and your IP address each time you log into this website. This also enables us to provide technical support for your particular operating system and web browser combination.

We do also receive some personal data for individuals that are not direct customers of Big Value Banners Ltd. This data is provided by our customers for the purpose of delivery and consists of a name, address and telephone number.


You have the right as an individual to find out what information we hold about you and to make corrections if necessary – you also have the right to ask us not to use the information supplied in a certain way.

The information that we hold on you can be viewed at which can only be accessed once you are logged-in to our website. Within the general ‘Account’ section of our website, you can also view your order history with us as well as any of your customers details that you have added to our system for the purpose of quick ordering.

If you believe we have your data but do not have an account through which to access it, please contact us directly through our contact page ( and we will be happy to provide you with any information that we hold for you.


The data that you provide enables us to allow you access to our website as well as enabling you to request quotes or place orders with us. It also allows us to better serve you when it comes to requests that may require us to reference historical activity.

We are required to pass some provided information on to third-parties, but these are to couriers for the purpose of the delivery of ordered products and our ESP (Email Service Provider(s)) for the purpose of email delivery. In rare circumstances we may also use a third-party to provide a print service on behalf of a customer. In each case the only information passed on is a delivery name, address and contact number.

All of our customer information is also stored on a server and database operated by a third-party. However, they do not access the data, they only provide and maintain the service on which the data is stored.

We never pass on any data to third-parties other than those who are required for us to fulfill orders on your behalf.

We will only contact you with marketing communications if you have given us your expressed consent. This can be changed at any time via the ‘Account’ section of our website.