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The Benefits of Good Design for Visual Advertising

Businesses wanting to make use of visual advertising to capture an audience and increase sales will no doubt be aware of how important it is to come up with a design that is bespoke to their business and effective in encouraging custom. Whether deciding to have a PVC banner produced, or some pavement signage made, it is important that your business carefully considers the design so that an advert is created that successfully promotes the company.

Whatever signage option that you choose, by ensuring that your business takes the time to create a great design, you can make sure that your banner stands out from the crowd and delivers the results you want. Here are just some of the benefits that good design can have on your sign or banner.

Easily Recognisable

Regardless of the size of your business, when signage is used as a promotional tool then you want it to make use of logos, colours schemes, and fonts that will make your business easily recognisable to consumers. By including logos and colours that are also used in other areas of your branding efforts, you can make your advert easily visible to those that have used your business before and those who would be first time customers.


When designing your banner, or making use of our free design service, you can decide what details to include to make it easier for consumers to make contact with or use your business. Along with company name and what you’re currently promoting, businesses may want to include address, simple directions to the store, website or telephone number, so that those that view it can easily make contact with you or visit your premises.

Increase in Custom

Any advertising and signage is going to help increase the amount of trade your business does, but a well-designed, informative piece of advertising is much more likely to grab the attention of consumers and turn that attention into trade.

Whether you already have artwork prepared for your visual advertising, or if you’d like some help to combine your logos, text, and colour schemes, here at Big Value Banners, we can help your business create a powerful banner to promote your company. If you would like to make use of our free design service, then please get in touch via our contact us page. If you’ve already got a prepared design, submit it online by making use of our onsite ordering system, or call 01939 260 377 for more information.