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Make the most out of renovation with scaffolding advertising

Renovating your business or retail premises is a great way to modernise your store and improve your customer experience. But it can also disrupt sales if you don’t advertise it correctly and put the right measurements in place to ensure your sales don’t get put on hold.

Making the most of refurbishment with scaffolding banners means you can keep your customers informed and further promote your business.

Open or closed?

Stores and businesses that can stay open whilst revamping can use scaffolding banners to tell customers to still come inside and not be put off by the exterior building work. Minimising customer disruption is sure to keep your customers pleased with the service. If you have to close while the building work continues, then an apology and date when the premises will be back open would go a long way.

Promote your refurbishment

Renovation can be expensive, so you want to make the most of the work by clearly advertising it. If customers and passers-by don’t know you’re improving the store, then they’re unlikely to come in and look. Come up with a short phrase to tell your customers you’re upgrading that can be printed onto the scaffold banners.

Advertise contact details

To further promote your business, clearly display your telephone number and website details on the scaffolding advertisement. This way, your potential customers can still give you a call or look up your services online. It also limits the disruption to both your customers and your sales, making sure your business can still run smoothly.

Being prepared for renovation with simple scaffolding banners can really help your premises. We offer banners for scaffolding, single sided and double sided, that can be put up anywhere on scaffolding. Or if you’d rather have different types of PVC banners to advertise your renovation, please browse our website as we have plenty to choose from. For more information, drop us an email or call us on 01939 260 377.